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There are 73,569 people currently living in Rapid City, South Dakota. Each one of them has an inspiring story to tell. This is Humans of Rapid City.
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Jan 11, 2017

If you've ever been to a theatre production in Rapid City, chances are you've probably heard some mysteriously loud cackling coming from the back of the theatre.  That's Jacob Roman.  He's a local actor here in Rapid City (well, by now he has moved onto bigger things in Nebraska, and eventually Boston, Massachusetts!) who has been in countless productions such as The Rocky Horror Show, The Little Mermaid, Love, Sex and the IRS and many more.  Too many to count.

On this episode, we discuss a lot of fun stage stories we have from our experience in theatre.  Oh how things can go wrong when doing a live show.  We also talk about his experience being the Education and Outreach Director of Cherry Street Players at Black Hills Community Theatre. 

Also, this episode was enlightened by the presence of Tyler Millslagle who provides some much needed laughter.  In fact, all three of us have distinct laughs.  So prepare yourself for a bit of a hot mess of a podcast with a symphony of obnoxious laughs.

Please note that we do not censor ourselves on this podcast, so expect some adult language.  We're only human!


Jan 2, 2017

Nik is a local singer/songwriter whom you may have seen play at various locations around town.  He is also a dedicated family man (who recently welcomed in his second child into the world!) and an all around great guy.  Support his music!  Check out