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There are 73,569 people currently living in Rapid City, South Dakota. Each one of them has an inspiring story to tell. This is Humans of Rapid City.
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Aug 3, 2017

It's been a long time since Humans of Rapid City has released any new episodes!  With so many irons in the fire, it's easy to lose focus.  But I wanted to release this great interview with Brian Mathis, who works for Behavior Health Systems in Rapid City, South Dakota.  This episode was also graced by the presence of Thomas Golden.  Brian and Thomas both share a lot of history together, both having served in the Navy and also worked together at the Cornerstone Rescue Mission.  I'll let the interview speak for itself, but we had a great time chatting with one another!

It's my intention to start releasing more episodes as we march on— might not be every week... I'm super humbled and thankful for the following we've had.  Even though we've gone EIGHT months without a new podcast release, we still have had hundreds of downloads per month along with a strong following on Facebook.

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Until next time— cheers, Rapid City!  And thank you for listening and supporting this podcast!